PerformanSea is an independent engineering consultancy primarily involved with the discipline of marine engineering system simulation. We have more than 10 years of experience working in the marine industry. 

System Simulation

Right data,
Right at the beginning,
Right decisions

System simulation is a method that uses computer simulations to imitate the behaviour of engineering systems. It helps project managers and designers to evaluate large quantity of design alternatives in the early design stages, even before 3D models are available, hence increasing earlystage product knowledge. System simulation model also serves as a digital prototype of the system helping to understand the dynamic behavior of the system and to evaluate compliance with classification society rules. It is also the suggested solution by classification societies to manage design of complex systems.

PerformanSea uses system simulation models and techniques that are reusable hence saving time and error and increasing confidence. 

Why Choose PerformanSea?

Designers & Project Owners

We carefully coordinate the projects with the designers as well as their system suppliers. 

We act independently on the customer’s behalf without being subject to outside influences. 

Our system simulation tools and methods ensure fast and reliable turnaround.

We take the time to assess the alternatives to reach in a balance between safety, availability, efficiency, long-term performance and quality.


Private Customers

We offer detailed system simulation that helps private boat owners  maximize the efficiency or to troubleshoot issues in their technical onboard systems.

System simulation is an effective yet cost efficient method for private boat owners for example in repowering projects, fuel consumption studies and when evaluating alternative energy sources and systems.

Our well-established methods and processes ensure cost-efficient and reliable turnaround. We have worked with numerous private customers to help bring their vision to an engineered product.



Ben Landgrén

Marine Engineer (MSc)

Ben Landgren

PerformanSea is a company by Ben Landgrén. Ben is a graduate (MSc) of Newcastle University in Marine Engineering with bachelor’s degree in Yacht Design and Production.  Ben is a member of Royal Institution of Naval Architects and Modelica Association.

Ben has been working in the marine propulsion sector since 2012 in different roles such as product design, R&D and aftersales.